The Great Feast

January 11, 2006

Today is the Islamic Easter Holiday and the reason we had so much trouble traveling yesterday. The holiday is also referred to as the Great Feast because each family buys a whole lamb which they sacrifice to eat. The sacrifice is done by slitting the lamb's throat. The Muslims emphasize this is not killing but sacrificing the animal. The lamb is then grilled on a fire, which for some happens on the streets. They eat every part of the lamb including the head which is chopped off and grilled separately. We saw several heads being grilled in the streets of the Medina today.

The air had smoky haze most of the day from the many fires being used to grill the lambs. Most of the locals were out of site in the morning and early afternoon. Most of the town was just us tourists. We spent the day strolling around the medina and taking a nice walk along the beach. We had nice conversation with three ladies who were on our bus ride the night before. One was from Peru, another from South Africa and one from Columbia. The three of them work together in London and travel together when they can. Their next trip is to Thailand so we were able to give them loads of advice. We should have gotten their emails as we want to visit their countries soon. We're slacking on our networking of free lodging throughout the world.

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