Touring Sarajevo in the Rain

November 17, 2005

Early morning risers, cold weather and the sound of rain was our alarm cock today. There is no way I'm using the dirty cold shower again today. Might as well enjoy breakfast in the filthy kitchen and chat with the others. This went on all morning as neither of us were motivated to go exploring in the rain, but when will we ever be in Sarajevo again. We layered up, put on our rain gear and hit the streets of Sarajevo. Again we started in the main square Bascarsija, but soon made to the outer neighborhoods. Sarajevo is set in a valley surrounded by hills with the houses stretching up the hillside. It made for a steep windy walk. The Serb forces occupied these hills during the 92-95 war and the damage done to houses in this area is still very visible. The damage ranges from broken glass to bullet holes, shrapnel damage, collapsed roofs and crumbling buildings. You can still see the damage to the streets from the shell impacts creating these skeletal indentations. In the Bascarsija area they have filled in some of these indentations with red cement. These are known as the Sarajevo roses.

We had enough walking around in the rain and found a cheap Internet cafe to warm up, catch up on emails, and post some travelogues. Not wanting to the touch the kitchen at our our hostel we found an inexpensive place to sit down for dinner. After dinner we reluctantly went back to our hostel, but were please to find Lisa there, a woman from Texas City, TX, whom we have conversed with the last couple days. It was nice being able to speak to someone form the States around our age. Most of the travelers are usually much younger than us. Our conversation ended too soon as she had to catch the night train to Budapest. With no place to relax at the hostel we ventured out to find a cafe for some dessert. We killed some time there by reading and of course having some dessert. Back at the hostel most everybody was out so we went to bed early. We have an early morning tomorrow catching the 6:20 am train to Mostar.

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