Somebody turn on the heat

September 30, 2005

Today it didn't rain, but it was really cold outside and inside. Our hostel doesn't have any heat and we heard they are usually shut down this time of year, but they've had such a demand that they've decided to stay open a little longer. How about taking the extra money from staying open longer and buying a furnace? The frozen yogurt we had for breakfast made us colder and colder with every bite. Frozen yogurt for breakfast you ask? Yes, the fridge was a standard college issue size so the only place for our yogurt was in the freezer which would have been ideal in Thailand. While freezing our butts off we were planning out the day. I was looking at the back of our map and noticed several museums were free on Fridays before noon. Just our price. We found one we thought would be interesting and that was the Wien Museum. On our way to the museum, we were sidetracked by a flea market and ended up buying a interesting souvenir for ourselves and someone who will be reading the travelogue, so I can't describe it for you. After our little flea market rendezvous we made it to the Wien Museum. Wien is the German name for Vienna for those of you who didn't know. We didn't know this until our bus from Sopron had the sign in window of the bus. I had to ask the bus driver to make sure it was going to Vienna. The Wien Museum was quite nice. It showed artifacts, paintings and models of the town from the Neolithic Period to the mid 20th century. We really learned a lot about the city of Vienna.The rest of the day we walked around town checking out all the sites which was mostly the amazing buildingsbuilt in this city. We both really like Vienna. I think this is the cleanest town we've been to on our trip and contrary to what we initially thought does provide lots of budget options for the tourist with a small wallet.

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