El Tajo

January 4, 2006

The train ride to Ronda got us into town mid afternoon. We followed the Centro Ciudad signs hesitantly but made it to the town center in 10 minutes. We started looking for a room right away and I was hoping I could use my two new vocabulary words for the day, algo menos (anything less). I was able to use my new words at both places, but it didn't help us get a cheaper room. The first place didn't have anything cheaper and the place we did choose had a cheaper room but it smelled really bad. With our packs off our backs and in the room we strolled around the town with no camera and no day packs. This is not normal for us. Again, we hit the main attraction of the town which is the bridge connecting the two parts of town divided by the immensely deep El Tajo gorge. We took in the view for a while before meandering through the streets of town. We found a grocery store on our journey where we pick up some fruit for our dinner which consited of a huge fruit salad. Of course we had a PB&J on the side. The groceries were really cheap here too.

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